Milan taking our photo at the summit of Mount Allan, with Canmore to the right.
 Yuri and Milan grinding through the switchback section on Mount Allan.
 Yuri negotiating the scree slopes near the summit of Mount Baldy north.
 Yuri on the summit of Mount Baldy north.
 Yuri on the East End of Mount Rundle (EEOR) overlooking Ha Ling Peak.
 Yuri at the col on the Windtower summit ascent.
 Yuri at the summit of Pocaterra Ridge.
 A view of Pocaterra Ridge from the Gizzly col.
 Yuri nearing the summit of Mount Trywhitt in the scree slog section.
 A view through the rock arch near the summit of Mount Tyrwhitt.
 Yuri poses next to a 10-metre high boulder on our descent of The Fortress.
 Yuri and Milan at the Fortress-Chester col.
 Yamnuska's terrifying chains section.
 Yuri’s first ascent of Yamnuska.
 Yuri (then 13) and I at the summit of The Fortress.
 Yuri (now 15) and I descending the summit of Highwood Ridge.
 Yuri and Mindy minutes from the summit of Midnight Peak.
 Yuri and Mindy on the chilly summit of Midnight Peak.
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