Robert Lemermeyer is a visual raconteur who shared his fascination with people, places and spaces through photography for 20 years.

Whether he is shooting a masterpiece of modern architecture, the intimacy of a family home or capturing the dignity in the eyes of a rural South African, his images are always brave and unexpected.

His vibrant editorial work for Canada’s best magazines has taken him to Kyoto on 48 hours notice, to St. Petersburg without a translator, and on a three-island-hop to shoot hockey legend Mark Messier at home in the Bahamas. Whether he is dispatched to the Great Wall or the Wailing Wall, his ability to think nimbly, act quickly and always get the shot has created award-winning and soul-stirring photos and fierce loyalty among his clients.

His commercial work is inspired by his ability to think like an architect. He frames every image – from a domestic kitchen to a corner power-suite, from an avant-garde hotel to a shanty – in thought-provoking ways that tell a story through subtle touches of movement, color and light.

A global nomad, curiousity seeker and citizen of the world, Robert lives in a silver house on a hilltop with his wife and two children in Calgary, Canada.

Specialties: travel, portrait & architectural photography